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Go Game / Game Changers

Go Game / Game Changers

Game Changers is a name that Marcus Palmer came up with, his reasoning in his own words was “nephew I’m telling you, this business will be a game changer, as a matter of fact that is what we will call it.”  This business venture will create opportunities for us as well as our families and the communities at large. The business venture selected is a transportation company which will provide roundtrip affordable shuttle rides from Charlotte, North Carolina to the Harrah’s Cherokee Casino. To give you a little background of the bus industry, according to The American Bus Association’s website, over its last 90 years of existence in the United States alone there are 3,330 motor coach companies and 32,825 motor coaches. They account for over 600 million passenger trips and 61.8 billion passenger miles. A small company consist of (1-25 motor coaches), Mid-sized (26-99 motor coaches), and large (100+ motor coaches), with the small companies accounting for 46 percent of the total motor coach mileage. The services range from tour services, airport shuttles, sightseeing, and scheduled services, which include special operations and commuter services. Our target is tour services, which accounts for 40 percent of all services. (American Bus Association, 2017).

The goal the first year is to expand to multiple buses and incorporate trips to amusement parks, church ventures and sightseeing. This business has the potential for unlimited growth and will be around for the next 90 years. What makes this venture unique is that it will be a family owned business, meaning the passion and care put into this company will be genuine and essential to preserve the existence of a key instrument critical to the success and lively hoods of the family. In addition, the total package experience will be provided from pick up to drop off, customers will be given the opportunity to relax and unwind as they prepare for their upcoming gambling/shuttle experience. Roundtrip service will be provided from three central pickup locations in Charlotte, as well as a return trip to the same locations. The company will offer multiple casino trips per week whereas the other bus companies do not. As mentioned earlier we intend to expand our services incorporating trips scheduled for Amusement parks, church ventures, sightseeing, company or University events. We look forward to providing your Transportation needs in the future.

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